Matthew Sottile, Ph.D.

I’m a computer scientist and applied mathematician living in Portland, Oregon.

Current roles:

I’ve worked for over 20 years as a researcher in high performance computing, programming languages, scientific computing, and data science. Almost all of my projects involve some combination of these areas. Instead of replicating my work history here, my full CV (PDF) has all of the detail (and more!).

I’ve published a bunch of stuff - peer reviewed papers, talks, a book, some book chapters, etc. I like writing.

I also do contract consulting work around the design of machine learning and data analytics applications in industry. These have included the assessment of automated equipment failure detection/prediction tools, as well as image classification and feature identification in manufacturing and materials processing applications in the agriculture sector. I focus on problems that arise in production settings where noise, uncertainty, and human factors thwart idealized methods and large training data sets are not available. My work ranges from assessment of existing designs, design consultations, prototyping, and performance evaluation and tuning.

Academic background:

My PhD research (Univ. of New Mexico, 2006) was focused on the relationship of operating system software to the performance of parallel applications running on large parallel computers. I don’t do much research work in the “systems” (e.g., operating systems, networking, etc…) area of computer science any longer.


E-mail: mjsottile at me dot com


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